Mattie Dawley Marion. 1882-1954 was my great grandmother on my paternal line. I was very young, but I met her at least once.  My siblings and I all thought with all sincerity that she was 100 years old.  Needless to say when I started doing genealogy I was totally shocked to see that she was actually only 72 years old when she died.  Quite a stretch from 100, but in my young mind she was the oldest person I knew, so she must be 100 years old.

One thing I have learned in researching family history is that just as a child looking at a 72 year old woman thinking she is ancient, everyone has a different perception as to family relationships.  Looking at these pictures you would think that she is a sweet little old lady that was once a beautiful young woman and was happily married with a growing family.

Edward Marion deserted his family some time before 1920, as he is listed as divorced in the 1920 census.  However, he lists himself as widowed in the 1930 census, and he was never remarried after leaving Mattie and the three children.

My grandmother, Naomi Adeline, was the last born to Edward and Mattie in 1904.  According to what she told me, her parents could not care for her and she was sent to live with the preacher and his wife at about 8 years old. The other two children, Loree Pearl and Albert were raised by their mother.  Grandma never had fond memories of her mother, quite the opposite, yet Loree Pearl was very close to Mattie, and they lived together in Thurston County after Pearl’s marriage dissolved.

I have found the same difference of perspective in my own immediate family.  My sister and I have a totally different perspectives on our upbringing and my mother and her sister, the same.  It makes me wonder what perspective each one of my children will have as time goes on.  Even though they are genetically similar and raised in the same family, they each have their own distinct personalities and preferences.  Though genetics have a lot to do with how we view life, I think it has less to do  than family placement and environment (circumstances). What do you think?  Do you have different perspectives than your siblings?




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